76 Beautiful Names Of Cocktail Glasses

The professional bartender will usually prepare the cocktail in the right glass. Cocktail names from a to z.

Cocktail Glasses Personalised Martini Glasses Custom Drink Gift

Plus the glasses every bar cart needs and the ones it s nice to have if you re feeling fancy.

Names of cocktail glasses. Whichever cocktail you re in the mood for we have a cocktail glass to cater for every cocktail recipe. Libbey heavy base rocks cocktail glasses set of 4 4 4 out of 5 stars 93 bormioli rocco 6 pack ypsilon cocktail glasses set 8 5 ounce bar glass stemless martini glasses for all alcoholic beverages like margarita manhattans bourbon vodka gin lead free whiskey glass. Here we describe most of the cocktail glasses you might find in a well equipped bar.

The modern shot glass has a thicker base and sides than the older whiskey glass. Wine glasses have been designed with the same kind of complexity and precision involved in the winemaking process. Because temperature is a particularly important variable when serving wine wine glasses are stemmed to prevent the heat of one s hand from warming the liquid within the bowl.

Welcome to the cocktail glass guide here you will find all the various types of glasses cocktails mixed drinks and shooters are prepared in. They are better looking more sophisticated and enhance the overall drinking experience. Contemporary american rocks glasses may be much larger and used for a variety of beverages over ice.

Ahead get the 411 on the specific cups that different cocktails are served in. Martini glass tumbler collins glass it is sometimes hard to understand why there are so many different cocktail glasses via this article we guide you around in the wonderful world of the cocktail glasses. Shot glass a small glass for up to four ounces of liquor.

Lots of tips advice and knowledge that will make you a perfect host of a cocktail party. The types of cocktail glasses you actually need in your home bar according to bartenders and the best cocktail glass types for every type of drink including the difference between a collins. Choose from our wide range of cheap cocktail glasses including martini glasses margarita glasses pina colada glasses daiquiri glasses hurricane glasses and hiball cocktail glasses.

Red plastic cups may be appropriate to serve mixed drinks to guests in college but after that proper cocktail glasses are a must. Types of cocktail glasses wine glasses. Old fashioned glass traditionally for a simple cocktail or liquor on the rocks.

The glasses in which you serve your mixed drinks matters just as much as what you are serving. Many people asked me if the type of glass is really that important when serving a cocktail occasionally it doesn t but in most cases the right cocktail comes with the. Recipe list search cocktail names from a to z.

Glasses and equipment available.

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